Here at Bryant Pond Baptist Church we love our bus ministry. On any given Sunday we have two routes we drive to pick up children for church. We purchased a bus last year with the thought that it would replace the van. Since we now use both the bus and the van, we need both vehicles. In January of this year we needed an inspection sticker on the van. Our mechanic (who is the most reasonably priced in our area) did @ $300 worth of work to bring the van up to standard. He said that next year it would likely be $3000 or more.
Our van is a 1998 Dodge 15-passenger van with 92,000 miles. To spend $3000 on our van would not be wise.
We are asking for prayer for this ministry as we seek God’s will for a different vehicle. To be honest, I am praying that God would use someone to give us a van or small bus.

Will you pray with us that we can see our bus ministry continue to grow for the glory of God?

You will see below a great video on the bus ministry (created by North Valley Baptist Church).Bus ministry works