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Matthew Jones



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Pastor Matthew Jones: I grew up in the Mid-coast area of Maine. My parents, though divorced when I was 8, were both saved, and I found myself in church most Sundays. In 1984 at the age of 12 I received Christ as my Saviour. During the following years I grew in my faith and became involved in the youth group, though I had a desire to fit in with my friends at my local public high school. When I graduated high school, I headed to a state college in Maine to study business. While I graduated with two business degrees, I also left college with a healthy appetite for the party lifestyle. I went on to get a good job in retail management, and my wife and I set out to make a comfortable life for ourselves. During the coming years, my wife Paula and I had two beautiful girls, (Ashley and Kayla) and God began working in my life. Our church attendance increased, but God still did not have full control of our hearts. In the year 2008, through the invite of a very faithful lady we had known for years, we attended and eventually joined the Church Hill Baptist Church, and immediately God began moving in our lives. The old vices I had clung to for years melted away. At 36 years old, and in the middle of a lucrative career in business, God called me to the preaching ministry. In 2010 I left my business job and went full time into the ministry. In November of 2011, God called my family to the Bryant Pond Baptist Church.