Our History

Serving Jesus for nearly 190 years.

The Bryant Pond Baptist Church has deep roots in the community extending back to the early 1800's where the first Baptist preaching took place in local homes in the village. It would not be until 1828 when the Woodstock and Greenwood Baptist Church, and the Hamlin's Gore Baptist Church would be founded. Each of these churches continued until they voted to merge in 1855. It was voted to build a new meetinghouse centrally located in the village of Bryant Pond. In 1856 the meetinghouse was finished (for a cost of $1,900) and the Bryant Pond Baptist Church was constituted. Over the next 160 years the village changed, growing and shrinking again as mills were built and torn down. As stores were opened and then closed, Christ's church at Bryant Pond continued. Through the generations, as society has changed, the Bryant Pond Baptist Church has remained affixed to the rock of Jesus Christ and His precious doctrines.